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    Hi guys, I recently received my original famicom back from oldskoolconsoles where it was being rgb modded. Since I have received it back however I am having trouble getting games to work properly. I’m game music starts to change pitch and speed until the game crashes completely usually with a loud audio buzz. I can usually only play a game for a few mins before it crashes but it seems to happen with every cartridge I have tried so far. Has anybody on here ever encountered something like this. Ossc shows a refresh rate of 60.08 but sometimes it shows 60.22hz not sure if this is normal. Any help is appreciated (sorry if this is the wrong section for this post I just figured the people in here will have a lot of experience with these kind of mods and might have some advice) thanks for any help guys



    Can you provide details of the rgb mod they installed? Did they also do the dejitter mod?


    Hi, no dejitter mod was done to the console (at least to my knowledge) as far as I know it’s just a standard nesrgb mod to the original famicom. I emailed the modder and he said it sounds like it could be overheating but I am using a Sega master system power cable which I was pretty sure was compatible with the Famicom.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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