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    Ok thanks for all these information ! I have used the WinUSB drivers with Zadig.
    I have uploaded the drivers on my PC with microship studio with success.

    I will tried tomorrow the other options, thanks a lot !

    ps: in avrdudess, I only see STK200, not the 500.


    I have measured 5V on the VCC pin.

    I have tried libusb and so, without any result with avrdudess.

    So, I used Microchip studio to try to made the update and it seems to work ! 😀
    After that, koryuu seems to work fine. How can I be sure that I have the good version of the firmware ? I only see that when I press the “input” button on the koryuu , the OSSC switch the resolution (and after hitting the 2 buttons simultaneously , the Koryuu’s LED flash a few times in less than half a second). So it’s Ok according to the last version of firmware I presume?

    Thanks a lot ! best regards.

Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)
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