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    Picked up an OSSC which was new. Long wait it arrived from china.

    A day of testing out the various consoles i’m connecting and enjoying glorious 5x on a 1080p tv. I was happy chappy!

    Next day and now i have a big problem. The HDMI audio is kicking out a really loud drone, buzz, hum sound. Its about 75% louder than the game audio, making it unplayble with sound.

    At first i thought it was classic cable problem as sound gets louder on white screen but is also constant all the time, just bit louder with white screen. Also my cables are all shielded and good quality, plus it worked great the day before.

    The problem is there on the 3.5mm audio out too.

    Problem is present with all consoles. All the consoles do not have the problem when plugged directly into the TV over RGB scart.

    Heres what i have tried to debug the issue with no change.

    – each console individually, no switch directly to OSSC
    – new OSSC power supply
    – unplugged all power supplies apart from tv, OSSC and console
    – moved RGB cables away from tv incase picking up noise
    – moved everything to different tv in another room
    – checked the PCB for bad soldering
    – changed HDMI cables

    I’ve tried to read up on this as much as possible but not finding too much info kn this specific issue.

    I have a feeling the OSSC is knackered and its game over for it. A return is probably out of the question.

    I’m good with soldering so if theres anything that can be done i’m up for trying.


    Since it is on the 3.5mm out as well, I don’t think it’s anything with the HDMI. My guess is a bad solder joint on the ground connections on the SCART (AV1) input. Try to reflow them.


    Great suggestion. I did reflow all the joints on the scart connector with no change. Will try again.

    I also did continuity test on pins of scart socket to the board. All tested fine.

    The scart socket does seem kinda of touchy.

    I’ve had a look at the schematic but not deciphered the audio path yet.


    Reflowed again, no change.


    you bought it on which site / seller?


    Brought it from aliexpress

    Sadly none in stock at proper shop when i purchased a while ago.




    Obviously, stated in first line if the post 🙂


    Anyway back to the issue.

    I feel like its a grounding problem. I tried a scart cable to the ossc with the shield cut and the Ossc would not sync with it.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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