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    So I recieved an AV Famicom today. There is a twist though. Since I have no interest in imports, I had it converted to PAL to ensure no high-pitched music or too fast gameplay. Am I missing out on anything big in this case?

    Also, the cart converter had a sort of chemical smell as was visibly wet. The smell was kind of like hairspray or something and I got concerned that it may be toxic. What could this be?

    Ignore the chemical smell question. It was isopropyl alcohol that was used to clean the contacts


    There were no PAL famicom games, only NES games.

    Most NES games play better in their native 60hz, with smoother scrolling, but growing up you probably remember them in their PAL variations I suppose.

    Still, curious why you’d by a famicom and not a NES in that case.


    The Famicom was cheaper to convert to PAL as I wanted a top-loader and £300 for a pre-modded RGB console was a little too pricey. I heard some PAL games play too fast and some PAL games (Probotector for example) sound better in PAL IMO

    I didn’t say anything about PAL Famicom games. I have a cart converter to play PAL NES games and the internals function as a PAL NES.

    I got this because I prefer the smaller design and the better reliability


    I should mention that I never grew up with an NES. The conversion to a PAL NES inside was because of cost and the fact that half of my NES games seem to be optimized

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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