NeXTstation turbo color w/OSSC assistance.

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    I found this FR which claims that it should work. I’m striving to make this a thing right now and am experiencing no joy.

    My topology is thus:
    <colorstation> -> <13w3 to vga cable> -> <VGA input OSSC (fw 0.81a all default settings)> -> <hdmi to DVI adapter> -> <DVI input Dell 2405W>

    0) The colorstation’s output is swell. The monitor has a VGA input but it’s not enjoying the RGsB nature of the input. (image ‘jitters’ vertically)
    1) The hdmi to DVI adapter works. (tested w/rPi 4 and a few laptops)
    2) The display of the OSSC shows (only the green led is illuminated):
    AV3: RGsB 896p
    61.22kHz 68.33Hz
    3) The 2305W displays corrupted nonsense.

    I’m waiting on an sdcard to arrive w/which I can update to the latest fw but I don’t recall seeing anything that amounted to obvious fixication w/this particular issue.

    Is there a way to alter/spoof the HDMI output signal to 1152×864? That’s about the closest aspect ration of a ‘normal’ resolution (1.333 vs 1.346)? Unsure if that’s what the 2305w is taking umbrage with or if it’s something the OSSC is doing.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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