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    EDIT: Images don’t seem to be working, so have linked to images instead.

    My completed barebones DIY assembly has an issue with AV1. Per the attached title screens for SMW (RGB modded SNES Mini) and Sonic 1 (Genesis) it appears that the green data is either not being received or just not processed.

    Both consoles are using C-Sync cables from Retro Console Accessories, which work fine with the Framemeister.

    Using the RGBS setting.

    The third pic shows Wonderboy 3 (PAL SMS) through a HD Retrovision Component cable to AV2. Greens show up fine there so appears to be AV1 only which has the problem.

    I’m off to buy a Logitech remote so I can dig around in the menus, but don’t think the issue is to do with settings. More likely to be something I’ve done wrong or missed in construction.
    SMW Title
    Sonic Title


    If component is working normally, then the problem must be between scart socket and LPF chip (U17). Most likely the connection from either end of C5 is shorted to ground or U17 pin 5 is not properly connected to PCB pad. I’d first measure resistance from scart pin 11 to gnd (should be 75ohms), then check that C5 is properly soldered, and U17 last. If all those are fine, then I suggest replacing C5 and (in worst case) U17.


    Fixed. Turns out that I left C5 out completely, but had soldered both pads so didn’t notice when scanning the board for unused pads to
    solder missing components too.

    Thanks for the pointers marqs. And might I say, the OSSC is awesome. Thanks for developing and sharing it with videophile retro gamers.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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