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    I used to connect my ossc on two screen : one is hdmi and the other is dvi.
    Everything use to work perfectly since today :
    – I have no image with the screen that is dvi (i’m in hdmi mode), i have image and sound only on the hdmi screen.
    – when i use the dvi mode, i have image on both screen but no sound
    The sound with dvi mode doesn’t work at all.
    Help, please.


    DVI mode does not transmit audio, so that’s why you don’t get audio on either display in that mode.

    How, exactly, do you have your monitors connected to the OSSC? I imagine you have some sort of HDMI splitter. Are you using an audio breakout box to get sound on your DVI monitor?


    Edit – nmalinoski beat me to it
    I don’t know how that behaviour could change suddenly, but no sound in DVI mode is normal. For DVI mode you need to use the AV1 audio out headphone jack, or other means of routing audio to your speakers.

    I’d double check your DVI cable first of all.


    First of all i used to connect the ossc to a dvi splitter using multiple hdmi/dvi adapter, i’ve got the ossc 1.6, and i use to put the hdmi tx mode and everything worked perfectly sound and image on the tv and image on the dvi monitor.
    Since today, when i put my ossc on i found no image on both screen, with the tx hdmi mode, to get an image i had to use the dvi mode but resulting with no sound.
    To afford this i unplugged the ossc from the dvi splitter, and i used a hdmi switch that have the possibity to connect it on 2 screen.
    But the result is with hdmi mode : no image on the dvi monitor, image only on the tv with the sound
    and with dvi mode : image on both screen but no sound.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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