No image with TX mode HDMI, but works with TX mode DVI

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    I planned on connecting my OSSC 1.6 to my Dell 3008WFP, unfortunately its does not seem to support the output from the OSSC. I tested OSSC on my tv, so I could verify it’s the monitor not OSSC. However I found out that, after setting TX mode to DVI, I do get output. With that setting I unfortunately loose the ability to include audio over HDMI and have to fall back on analog cabling for sound.

    When the OSSC is connected to the monitor met TX mode set to HDMI, the image stays black and am unable to use any controls on the monitor itself. Like it’s stuck or blocked. So I’m unable to see any incoming signal info.

    What’s the difference between the 2 signals? Why does DVI work, but HDMI mode not? Does DVI use other timings?

    Are there any settings on the OSSC other than TX mode to try and get the video signal using HDMI mode?




    TX mode set to HDMI just adds some extra flags to the signal. And audio of course. Maybe the monitor doesn’t like the audio output.

    Does the monitor display the test pattern in HDMI mode? Which sources have you tried?


    No, it does not show the test pattern in HDMI mode, only in DVI mode.
    I currently have a PS1 connected (only system I have a RGB cable for at the moment :)). However the problem is similar to the test pattern. It wont show until I set the mode to DVI.

    I have a PS4 connected to the same monitor, and haven’t had any such problems. The only thing I can think of is that the PS4 is better in determining the capabilities of the display at the other end of the cable (I was thinking of EDID, but that doesn’t seem to include audio).


    Could you try a non-audio firmware to find out if audio is causing the incompatibility?


    Good one! Yes, with the non-audio firmware I do get to see the test pattern on my Dell monitor.
    So apparently the audio part of the firmware does not play well with this monitor 🙁


    Have you tried switching the audio downsampling modes in the compatibility options?


    Changing audio and/or compatibility settings had no effect.


    Let me explain my setup…

    I have a PS4Pro, a Xbox One X, a Switch and OSSC connected to a hdmi switch with optical digital out. The digital out is connected to my amp. So when I switch between the inputs, audio is extracted and send to my (non HDMI amp). This works perfect for the game consoles, so would like to have digital audio via HDMI on OSSC so I can use it the same way.

    (Offcourse I have tested OSSC without the hdmi switch aswell, but connected directly to the monitor results in the same behaviour)

    The Dell monitor has no audio, but never had any issues before with various hdmi sources. So, I’m guessing the audio code of OSSC might be sending something over the wire that my monitor doesn’t like 🙂

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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