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    Hello – I picked up an OSSC 1.6 that a chap from another forum assembled for me last year. It worked perfectly, and I love it very much.

    I’ve just moved house, and on hooking up my kit to test out some SNES stuff, I found there’s no sound coming out. I tried SNES via SCART, Saturn via SCART, Dreamcast via VGA, and PS2 via component – none give any sound at all. Image works absolutely fine from every connection.

    Tried on two TVs, switched out HDMI cables, tried different ports on the tellies, tried different games, made sure setting was TX via HDMI, upgraded fw to 0.81-aud, tested consoles/cables on a CRT I have hanging around and other devices – they all work perfectly fine.

    I unscrewed the unit and had a look at the board, there’s nothing I can see obviously wrong – I have no specialist knowledge or equipment though, so don’t think I can check anything else.

    I doubt there’s much that can be done bar sending it in for repair, but before throwing money at the problem (and losing the OSSC for a month) I thought I’d check see if anyone had any suggestions.


    You mean sound was working before, and only after moving house it stopped working? And the TVs you tested now were working with audio through HDMI previously?

    You seem to have done a lot of tests, all warranted, only things left I can think of:

    reset settings
    try different linemodes (there have been a few reports of higher modes causing sound issues)
    disconnect if you have something plugged into the AV1 out/AV2 in 3.5 mm audio port

    As your unit was DIY built, I’m not even sure VGP would take it in for repair.
    Could be cheaper just buying a new one.


    Yeah, it worked perfectly for about a year – took it out from moving storage and it’s not doing any sound output. May have taken a bump on the way, but it was wrapped up carefully. I don’t know.

    I’ve reset and tried different line modes, and there’s not been any other things plugged in to AV ports. Don’t think there’s much else for it, to be honest.

    I’ll check with VGP. Not exactly up for buying a brand new one.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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