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    So I received my Retrotink this morning, and although video output is fine, I don’t appear to be getting any audio output. I got a brief second of audio once (PAL PS2 over official component cables) for a fraction of second on one game, but nothing else. I’m connecting component cables then routing the stereo audio to the stereo RCA inputs. I’ve tried different HDMI cables and both my TV and PC monitor without success. I also had the same results with PAL NES over composite. Am I doing something wrong?


    I decided to try this through my Yamaha AV receiver, and strangely it works perfectly! But still no sound when connected directly to a monitor…

    Could this be a compatibility issue with my (admittedly ancient) TV? But then again, I also didn’t get any sound through my AOC monitor, and that is only a few years old.


    It would seem so 🙁 Can you let folks know the model number of your TV/monitor?


    I have the same problem with my PC monitor Asus MG279Q in both HDMI ports. No sound, only video signal. On my TV it works perfectly. I noticed when I hold 2x/fil button sound appears. Unfortunately, after I release it audio disappears. Maybe it is weird HDCP issue, or maybe MHL spec in those HDMI ports have something to do with that.


    I have the same Problem. Tested it with an old Xbox and a Playstation. There is no Audio when using the Retrotink 2x on the following 4 different devices:
    TV Sony KDL-46W905A
    TV Samsung LE40M86BDX
    Projector Benq W1070
    AVR Denon AVR-X2100W

    Mine is model nummer 3.1, manufactured 09/2018 and it has been delivered on 02.11.2018.

    Do I really have that bad luck with the compatibility?

    *edit* ->
    As it turned out my first RETROTINK 2X had a defect and Matt immediately sent me a perfectly working unit.
    Many thanks again to Matt for the quick service a few months ago.


    Thanks for getting back to me.

    The Philips TV is an ancient model – 10+ years old – but I can let you know the model number later, if it’s any use. To be fair, it could probably do with upgrading!

    I have been playing around with the ‘tink this week and found that Wii over component also works perfectly if passed through my AV receiver. I have tried NES through composite, and that does not provide audio whether direct to TV or through the receiver. A shame, because I think the ‘tink makes the NES look great! I have also tried my Laserdisc player, and that works fine (and also looks great), so I am satisfied this is just a NES issue, and not the composite input itself.

    I have also had another go with my AOC monitor, and that now works fine. So I will assume user error on my part!

    I will try a bunch more consoles tonight over composite, and also OG Xbox over component.

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