NO SYNC on Konami TMNT arcade

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    I love my OSSC. It’s the best scaling device I’ve ever used and with all my other RGBS arcade boards it’s been flawless.

    I read TMNT is supposed to be 288×224 @ 60Hz.

    The board was sold as working “enough” to display an image (the seller has sent me video of it working), I just get a blank screen, on the OSSC LCD I just see it flick between 254p and 264p and say “NO SYNC”. When the LCD on the OSSC flicks I see 59.18Hz and 61.52Hz also. It stays at 15.62kHz

    TMNT is connected to a Minigun then via to SCART to the OSSC AV1 RGBS. The Minigun has an LPF and I’ve tried it with it enabled and disabled. It’s RGBS that comes out of the Minigun, The red light on the OSSC is constantly lit and the “Info” button doesn’t do anything unless I hold it down and I think I can make out:

    Prof.0 240P
    264P 456195 (maybe 456194 also)

    Has anyone got an OSSC and TMNT setup, or even a another TMNT hardware game:

    Block Hole
    Crazy Cop / Gang Busters
    Crime Fighters
    Devastators / Garuka
    Gradius III
    M.I.A. / Missing In Action
    Punk Shot
    S.P.Y. / Special Project Y
    Super Contra
    The Main Event
    Thunder Cross
    Thunder Cross 2

    Did you have to tweak anything on the OSSC?

    I have no idea where to start, there are a scary amount of settings in there?



    Poorly designed Superguns are the number 1 cause of damage to OSSC units. I have no experience with that Supergun but you would need to check that it is properly attenuating sync from your arcade hardware to 75ohm.


    Thanks, my other arcade boards work fine, do you not think it’s a setting that I can change on the OSSC to get it working?

    I mean it could be an issue on the board, I thought that maybe the fact that it’s a 224P board that some of the sync parameters are too strict and the resolution is drifting.

    I could hook up a oscilliscope, measure some stuff, backporch and all that.

    Or the TMNT board could have gotten worse in the mail, as I said the OSSC works great with other boards of a similar vintage.


    Sync opt section is where you want to go. But even better if you can scope the sync levels to get some idea of where to begin tweaking. Most importantly the sync levels should not exceed 0.7Vp-p under load (someone please correct me if i’m wrong), when connected to AV1.

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