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    I have a Toro box for Dreamcast.
    It doesn’t work proprely when I connect it directly to my TV with SCART (image is flipping) so I wanted to test with OSSC (v0.81).

    But I get No Sync. Which channel should I normally use ? AV1, AV2, … ? Is there a specific setting for the Toro box ?

    Thank you


    I believe the Toro ships preconfigured for RGBHV; which means, out of the box, only the DE-15/VGA output will work properly, and it sounds like the only sync you’re getting over SCART is horizontal sync.

    You need to toggle the switch located between the SCART and DE-15 outputs; that will put it into RGBS mode, which will make the SCART output work properly, and will also provide RGBS on the DE-15 output (but you shouldn’t use both at the same time). That should get it to work with both your TV and your OSSC.


    >Hi. Thank you for your reply. I’ve read that the pins were for VGA only. I just tested all the combinaisons and it didn’t improve (tested without OSSC only)
    I also contacted the support of Toro, maybe they have an idea.

    Last year when I received the Toro, it worked “fine”. During the startup, the logo were sometime not centred, I had also a horizontla black line. but during the game all worked fine.

    Probably the cable from Dreamcast to Toro is defect because more I test and worst it becomes.
    Yesterday I had a stable image but quality of image was bad.
    Today the image is flipping. Sometime I have a yellow image because blue is missing


    It is your cable for sure if you lost a color for a bit and then it came back after messing with the cable. So I would replace the VGA cable from the Toro to the OSSC first.

    I use an Extron 7SC for my retro consoles and it outputs as RGBHV. I have that into AV3 on my OSSC and do not recall having to flip any switches for that to work. I did find that with the Extron, it was best to set the OSSC to passthru mode for the 480p (What my extron upscales and outputs everything at), as that provided a slightly sharper picture than with line2x etc enabled.

    But yes, if you have screen flipping and colors missing…that is a sign of a likely faulty cable.


    The Toro definitely works in “VGA” mode over SCART into the SCART input of the OSSC because that is how I am using it. Doing this sends 480p over SCART, which is very handy. Here’s the info on sync from the manual:

    8. Sync combiner circuit to output CSYNC (composite sync) through Scart or VGA connector.
    9. Push button to select video sync output mode for the VGA: H&V SYNCs or CSYNC alone.

    However, they note later that the button only affects the VGA output, so you are always getting combines sync over SCART. The only difference is 31 kHz vs 15 kHz, ie 480p vs 480i.


    Oh, whoops; noodohs, you are quite correct; my mistake. 🙂 I’ve only ever used my Toro via SCART, and I had mistakenly understood that flipping the switch did something; I probably would have never noticed a difference.

    Weirdly, I didn’t see anything in the manual about using both SCART and DE-15 outputs simultaneously; I also had been under the assumption that that was not supported, so I wonder if that’s indeed the case.


    Thank you all for your help.

    I had to find my ol computer screen which has a VGA (and also SCART) input to make test
    Dreamcast -> Toro -> VGA -> computer screen = no signal
    Laptop with VGA output -> Toro -> VGA -> computer screen = I got an image

    So I suspect the cable to connect the Dreamcast to Toro. I opened it and saw 2 removed cables (I hope it isn’t my fault when I opened the sheath ^^).
    I asked the support where I should connet thes 2 cables.

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