Non 1 chip PAL SNES & OSSC

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    Hi everyone,

    I’m fairly new to the retro world and am thinking about purchasing the OSSC for my non 1 chip SNES (UK pal). I’ve done lots of reading but am not sure how good the picture will turn out. Does anyone else run a non 1 chip SNES? Was it worth the investment.

    Edit; or should I just buy a 1 chip SNES?

    Many thanks


    I have also a pal snes (not 1 chip) and think it looks good on OSSC especially with Reverse LPF.


    Thanks for the reply. It’s a massive subject with so much info to read.


    It depends how well your current TV displays SNES over direct RGB SCART. If your TV supports higher than lineX2 then it will look sharper with the OSSC.

    There are different revisions of the non 1-CHIP SNES with different video quality. The early consoles have more blur than later consoles.

    Here are some captures in lineX4 so you can compare:

    Early 3-CHIP
    Later 3-CHIP

    Is SNES the only console you want to use with the OSSC?


    I hadn’t realised there were differences between the earlier consoles. There is a 1 chip SNES available at a half decent price not far from me so I might buy that. It at least gives me the best of both versions and means I have a backup console.

    The longer term plan is to look at adding a sega megadrive (mk 1) but for now it’s just the snes.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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