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    Hi all, totally new to the genre.

    I’m about to purchase OSSC, mostly using with MVS home console / NESRGB / SuperFamicom and PS2 (and PS1 games under PS2).

    Does ASUS PG348Q meeting the needs using OSSC? The link below is my monitor’s spec:

    For 240P game consoles like NESRGB or Super Famicom, I think line doubling w/ 4:3 or 8:7 ratio is the best choice, by doubling it could meet my monitor’s lowest compatible resolution, but I don’t know that my monitor can handle the aspect ratio well, can OSSC do this for me?

    Second question. Most of my concern is PS2s’ 480i interlaced output. I’ve read the manual that the only chance that I could play PS2/1 on my monitor is to use the OSSC’s BOB deinterlacing, which could have a shimmer effect and temporary burn-in to my IPS monitor, any one who’s applied this configuration can share with me the result? I’m so afraid that the outcome is unbearable to see.

    Thank in advance.


    According to your manual, it should work with 2x, 3x and 5x since it supports these resolutions

    ASUS PG348Q

    It doesn’t support interlaced signal, so take note of that too.

    It just means when you play PS1 games that are in 480i, you’ll need to use bob deinterlacing where the screen will shake up and down similar to a CRT TV is all. Passthrough won’t work on those interlaced signals. 240p however should be fine.


    I got my OSSC about a week ago, so I’m not the most knowledgeable but here are some of my results for 480i signals :
    PS1 : unbearable, the picture “jumps” up and down with BOB deinterlacing
    Xbox : I use 4x bob and it’s pretty good actually, the picture is stable.

    So basically, no clear answer from me. All that to say that not all 480i will behave the same with bob


    Thanks for the explanation. Looks like just have to deal with the BOB deinterlace jitter.

    Is it a way to do a 2-pass from the output of OSSC to minimize the jitter? For instance if I want to play a RPG which input lag is not a problem.

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