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    I have an original xbox that I am using for retro emulation (xbmc emustation). I realize it only outputs no less than 480p, so I wonder if someone could advise how to setup the OSSC for the 8 or 16 bits console emulation under the 480p video output?

    I have been playing around with “passthorugh” and “2x line” on the 480p option, and I feel “passthrough” with scanlines look better, but I wonder if I can make it look more appropriate to a 240p…. not sure if it is possible.


    That’s about as good as it gets, OSSC makes a great scanline generator for 480p material, so you basically choose if you think passthrough or 2x looks better to your tastes.

    Remember Sampling opt->Allow upsample2x can change dramatically how sharp the image appears at 480px2


    thanks for your reply.
    That is what I thought. I will have to play around with those two options.
    And yes, scanlines on 480P are beautiful 🙂

    Actually, after posting my questions before, I found the profiles from firebrandx and uploaded the settings to the OSSC. They are great for different needs and taste, I only added scanlines to all of them hehe.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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