Omega CMVS compatibility with OSSC?

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    I’m trying to run my Omega CMVS through my OSSC, and can’t seem to get it to display a picture. My guess is that it’s a sync issue related to the odd refresh rate, but hopefully there’s a fix. I’ve tried fiddling with some of the sync options in the OSSC (namely, the Hsync tolerance), but haven’t had any luck. Is there anything I’m missing that might help resolve this?

    Probably worth noting: I’ve got it hooked up to a Sony LCD, which I understand might not like refresh rates that aren’t a proper 60hz. I’ll try it on another monitor later tonight, but obviously, I’d prefer to be able to play on the TV.


    What does the LCD on the OSSC show when you connect the MVS?


    It says:

    “AV1: RGBS 264P
    15.62KHz 59.18Hz”

    Edit: Oh, and for what it’s worth — the CMVS seems to run fine on the same TV if I run composite cables directly from the system to the TV. Not sure what the peculiarities of the Omega’s encoder are, but maybe that suggests the odd refresh rate to the TV isn’t the culprit?


    FWIW, my Omega CMVS works with my OSSC perfectly. Are you using the SCART cable from ArcadeWorks or a different one? Also, have you tried setting H-PLL pre and post coast to 3 and the Hsync tolerance to 10us or higher?


    My Omega CMVS seems to work fine on my OSSC without changing any settings, though I haven’t tried using it in a ‘stock’ scenario.
    I modded mine to output csync rather than composite video for sync, and it’s also going through an Extron CrossPoint AV switch, which does some kind of processing on sync signals (it requires csync on input).


    I’ve got a CMVS made by someone else and I didn’t have to change anything to get it to work with the OSSC


    cr4zymanz0r – How exactly did you mod your Omega to include support for csync? I’d love to do this to mine, as it’s the only console that has any issues with my OSSC setup (albeit they are random and very intermittent). It was also the only console that had issues with my old Framemeister setup. Being the only console that uses sync on composite over anything else, I can’t help but think this could be contributing to the issues…

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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