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    Today I noticed that only the left channel audio from AV1/SCART is sent to HDMI. I didn’t notice before because I only played NESRGB Famicoms and NES via SCART, and they don’t output stereo audio.

    When I swap the channels in the menu then the audio is sent to the right channel. The other channel is always mute or very silent and distorted.
    When I plug in a headphone in the AV1 out socket then the loud HDMI channel is muted and I can hear audio on both channels, but the volume is low and distorted.
    SCART cables are fine, different brands (thefoo, packapunch) and types (MD2, PCE), and most importantly they work on other TVs with stereo audio. AV3 audio is also fine and gets sent to both channels in HDMI.

    Any hints what could be broken?

    OSSC 1.6, FW 0.79-aud and 0.80-aud


    Might be a bad solder joint on the SCART socket. One thing you might want to check is the state of the little switch between the AV1-out/AV2-in jack and the HDMI port to make sure it’s all the way in or out (I forget which direction does what).


    I already tried the switch, it doesn’t change anything about the single channel output. If it is set all the way out (to the edge of the pcb) then I get audio from the AV1 out jack on both channels, but not in a good quality.


    This would be covered under warranty if you need to RMA the unit get in touch via the contact form and quote your order number.


    Any news on that? Yesterday, I tried to connect my PS2 via RGB-Scart to AV1 (got a 1.6 preassembled back in 10/2017) and didn’t get any Audio at all from HDMI. Where to measure first? I got Oscilloscope and Multimeter…

    EDIT>>> Shame on me. I guess, I flashed Firmware 0.8 ( without “-aud”)…


    I sent in my broken unit, the error was confirmed and a new unit was sent back.
    No audio at all is not same problem, at least I got good audio from one channel and distorted audio from the other.

    Review your settings in the firmware/reset them to default and make sure that you have the audio (a) firmware installed.
    Also set the switch between AV1 and HDMI all the way in.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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