Optimal timing video for Genesis/Master System:

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    Optimal timings for Genesis and Master System

    Still working out a few kinks on my video production quality, but it’s getting there!


    Thank you! Added links on the wiki.


    This is some illumination here. Thank you, FBX! I was close with my settings, which work great on 320×224 games, but dialing in for the 256×224 games is a real treat. I also took the opportunity to index my EDMD per game native resolution, as I see you have yours indexed – one folder for 256×224 games, and split folders for 320×224 games (too many of them to fit in a single folder).

    I took it to line5x @ 1600×1200, which is my personal preference for the best looking all-around, based on your optimizations. I tweaked the backporches, and am now using the masks which I hadn’t been doing previously. That really does add a nice improvement, keeping the unused space out of the picture (no pun intended).

    Thank you again!



    I’ve since started a repository of all new optimal timing research based on the 0.81 firmware. I even found some slight tweaks to improve the Genesis/MA profiles too. All are now text files on my web page here:

    OSSC Optimal Timing Repository

    Still a work in progress as I’ve got a lot more consoles to go through, but it’s a page that will continue to expand for quite some time!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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