Options to disable AV ports / input modes on OSSC classic

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    Hello All,

    I use my OSSC with an Amiga 500 and it is fantastic. I have the Amiga RGB going to OSSC SCART AV1 and the HDMI output from my Vampire accelerator converted to VGA and then into the OSSC AV3. By using two profiles linked to AV1 and AV3 the OSSC becomes and effective auto switch as well as scan converter. When I change modes on the Amiga, the HDMI signal is cut and the RGB output starts. The OSSC loses sync and starts scanning inputs looking for a signal, eventually finding the next one. The setup has served me well for a while now but recently I started thinking it would be nice if it could switch inputs faster by not scanning inputs and modes that I don’t use. (I only use AV1_RGBS and AV3_RGBHV and the OSSC is only for the Amiga.) It would be nice to be able to disable auto detection on AV2 entirely and to disable detection of AV1_RGsB, AV1_YPbPr, etc individually.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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