OSSC 1.5 audio board – pad traces lifted, need an alternative

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    My OSSC was getting tonnes of noise in all consoles. I accidentally found out it was being caused by the audio add-on when I disconnnected the clock and power cables in order to redo my solder work. With these cables disconnected the OSSC image is noise free and looking immaculate again.

    Anyway, looks like there were already one or two lifted pad on the OSSC mainboard where the audio board is soldered to it, I think these missing pads were causing the noise. A bit of tape would have prevented the board moving around and snapping off these tiny pads. Whoops. Now there are no remaining pads as I managed to break off the remaining one.

    Does anyone know where else on the main OSSC board I can insert the three signals from the add on board? EDIT: I’m assuming the remaining traces on the OSSC PCB are useless as they now don’t connect to anything. And also, even if they are usable they are tiny and I’d prefer not to have to do such fiddly work.

    Is there a schematic I could stare at in order to try and determine an alternate location to inject these signals to HDMI out?

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