OSSC 1.6 Overheating and causing loss of signal.

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    Hi there.

    So I just bought my OSSC maybe 2 months ago and it’s worked fine up until now, but issues have arisen. As of a couple of days ago it will lose sync all of a sudden. Doesn’t matter the connection (I’ve tried every possible console and taken things out of the chain just to ensure it’s the OSSC.) Even a direct out from the OSSC to my monitor the same thing happens. I’ve also noticed it now gets incredibly hot. Like almost too hot to touch, and the on/off toggle switch is extremely hot as well. Ambient temperature is around 69F so I know it has nothing to do with that. I was reading and it looks like it could possibly be a fault on the board and I may have to RMA it. Is there anything I can do to avoid having to RMA? Thanks!


    I just bought one too, was playing X-Men vs street fighter on the SEGA Saturn and was happy with it, and after an hour or so of game play, all of a sudden the picture went and just gave me audio. I pressed the av1 button to get the picture back and it showed up but after a few seconds paused or not the picture would go to test screen.
    I notice the LCD on the ossc was flicking between different things and it didn’t seem to hot to me. Now it doesn’t display anything. I bought it on eBay and I’m guessing I’ll have to do the whole return BS. But I also just bought a kiaco branded ossc. I was hoping that the ossc would be the answer to the problem of a cheap hd converter having the same problem but at least I got a few months out of that one haha.
    There’s obviously a heating issue with this thing so I’d like to see an answer to this from someone


    If you got it from us e-mail in and we will arrange an RMA.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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