OSSC 1.6 RGB color issue

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    Hi all,

    got my OSSC 1.6 today and was testing it with my Gamecube, PC-Engine and NTSC SNES. The Gamecube works fine via the component cable. PC-Engine and SNES seem to be missing a color. The image is very blueish. I was also not able to get a sync signal with the RGC SNES CSYNC RGB Cable. Another RGB cable I had got a sync signal and worked fine except for the missing color.

    Is there something I can check (bad solder joint) or follow a trace to find out why the colors are off?

    Thanks in advance!


    had a look last night and did reflow the solder on the Scart plug. This fixed the color issue and the picture looks excellent now.


    Well that saved us a return, thanks for that 🙂


    I also have this issue, but with no expertise of soldering.

    I’m using a PAL Sega Saturn with a Retro Gaming Cables RGB SCART. The screen is heavily tinted blue and changing my TV settings does not solve the issue.

    My Wii works fine connected via component, but for most of my consoles that’s not an option.

    Any advice?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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