OSSC & Amiga 1200 Issue

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    Hi there,

    I’m currently using a OSSC with my Amiga 1200, I’m noticing that when I start a game or the screen transitions or fades the output flickers on & off. I’ve tested this on 2 separate displays with the same outcome.

    Checked the Wiki and it says no special settings required for Amiga’s. Am I missing something or is there settings I can play with to try and fix this?

    Any guidance would be appreciated



    Does the Amiga drop sync or change video modes during those screen fades or transitions? If so, that might cause the OSSC to drop and reestablish signal on the HDMI end.


    Thanks for the quick reply.

    Just testing it now again with Alien Breed. The OSSC display never changes from:

    AV1: RGBS 313p
    15.62Khz 49.92Hz

    Is that correct? If it was changing screen modes would I see a change on the OSSC screen?


    Typically the little LED light next to the screen will flicker, and the display will change. Sometimes the change is momentary, and you won’t be able to read what it changed to if it just a quick “blip” before changing back, but there is a visual indicator that something has changed nonetheless.

    What displays did you test with (makes and models)?


    I’m using the following displays;

    Benq GW2470HL
    Samsung UE55MU7000

    However I think I might be able to eliminate the OSSC as the cause, I have a CF Card acting as HDD in the 1200 and each time the screen blanks out is when the acitivity LED lights up on the CF Card (Alien Breed when loading the mission text is an example and the Team17 logo), so I’ll look at that issue seperately

    Quick question though, with the Benq am I right in thinking using linemuult x5 would be best and then just play with the OSSC settings to get the image to fit the screen correctly?


    Some things to try for each monitor, if you haven’t already:

    -put in “game mode”
    -The benq has a HDMI RGB PC Range setting, which can be set to ‘0-255′ or ’16-235’. I think I remember reading around here somewhere that 16-235 can help with compatibility. Maybe someone more knowledgeable can chime in on how that may or may not help.

    Line modes and how they appear can come down to personal preference. Assuming line5x is compatible with either or both monitors, and you prefer it, the following options can help the screen get centered/sized appropriately:

    Sampling Opt -> Scroll up one and enter the Adv Timing options. Horizontal and Vertical backporch should be used first, horizontal and vertical synclen used if backporch doesn’t quite get you where you need to be.

    Before Sampling Opt adjustments, set the aspect ratio to “native”, or effectively unadulterated. The manuals for both TV’s aren’t clear on what the available options are, but usually if you cycle through the options, it will be the smallest image displayed. Some times the option name actually makes logical sense, but sometimes they are named things like “Just Scan” (Westinghouse), or “Direct” (TCL).


    Thanks a million for those tips.

    Regarding the aspect ratio I’ve got 2 options ‘Full’ or ‘Aspect’, full just seems to strech the image for 16:9, where aspect seems far more natural. I’ve noticed that the linemult works in more modes with the Benq set to ‘Aspect’, although I’m now not sure which one is best, I’ll have a play around and see which one works (linemult 2-4 seem to not fill the screen where x5 will require scaling down).

    I’m now confident the flickering is due to WHDLoad and my Amiga 1200 only have 2Mb of RAM, so def not OSSC 🙂


    Because it is PAL you can use lineX4 mode to get 1440×1080 which your monitor in Aspect mode should display without further scaling. Set V.active to 270 and H.active to 1440 then increase H.samplerate until its wide enough.


    From what I read in the benq manual, aspect is untouched and full is stretched to 16:9. So, you want aspect at least for dialing it in. But maybe you may like full (stretched) better, that’s up to personal preference. But aspect will be more pixel exact.


    That’s superb @paulb_nl I’ll give those settings a go annd report back

    @NoAffinity Thanks for confirming that

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