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    Hello everyone. I’ve recently gotten back into collecting and gaming again after my old collection was stolen. Right now, I’m playing and collecting PS1 and PS2 games exclusively.

    For my PS2 games, I have a PS2 slim hooked up with component cables into a cheap component to HDMI adapter I got on Amazon Link to that device here due to the fact that my TV does not have direct connection for component cables.

    For my PS1 games however, I have had to stick to using my slim model PS3, as the PS2 will obviously play the games, but after the initial splash screen, I get a black signal. I am guessing this is because 480i is the lowest resolution that my TV set will support.

    My TV is a TCL 55R625. I wasn’t able to find anything stating explicitly whether it did or did not support lower than 480i on Google searches, and I did not see my model listed in the sticky thread for OSSC-compatible televisions.

    This has led me to a bunch of posts, videos, etc about the OSSC and I am considering getting one. I have seen that many aren’t exactly in love with the way 480i is handled with PS2, but a Framemeister is out of my price range and I haven’t seen anywhere about the OSSC Pro and a release date for it. So for now I was considering the current OSSC model until the Pro comes along in the future.

    I know there is no way to 100% know whether or not hooking my PS2 into an OSSC and then playing PS1 games with line doubling will work with my specific set, but I guess since I am not all the way familiar with the tech I was wondering…in the aforementioned scenario, would that convert my 240p PS1 signal into something higher my TV could display?

    I’m just looking for a solution that will give me the most compatibility while also making my games look less muddy and bad on my 4k TV.


    Considering it replaced the R615, it’s very likely it will be compatible.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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