OSSC and Dreamcast Issue

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    Hi a friend of mine recently brought an OSSC after I recommended it to him
    Unfortunately on his Dreamcast there is no image, only a black screen, audio is coming through fine
    I tested it on my OSSC and the same issue persisted, but plugging it directly into my CRT worked fine
    We could not find any concrete solution searching the web, though we found a guy with the same issue on his other consoles.
    He was told he had a “passive scart cable” and that would not work, is it probable it’s the same issue here?
    And if it is what’s simple cable solution?


    It sounds like a cabling issue to me.

    How are you connecting the Dreamcast to your CRT? Are you using the same SCART cable as when you’re experiencing the issue with, or something else? If using the same SCART cable, 1) are all 20 pins present in the SCART head, and b) is there a way to determine whether your CRT is receiving composite, S-Video, or RGB?


    Yes we used the same cable for everything (it’s the only one he has)
    All the pins are in place
    I am not sure how I’d determine if it is composite, s-video or RGB
    The imagine seemed pretty sharp to me on the CRT but that’s not really definite proof
    It’s a PAL system if that would have some relevance


    I was hoping maybe your CRT had some kind of info button on the remote to show information about the incoming signal on the screen, or perhaps there’s something in the on-screen menus.

    Next thing I’d check is the OSSC. With the Dreamcast on and connected to the OSSC via SCART, and input set to AV1-RGBS, is its LED green (has a sync signal), and what does the LCD say?

    If the OSSC is fine, and you have a multimeter that can check continuity, you can check the cable to see if pins 14, 15, and 16 on the Dreamcast end are connected to pins 7, 11, and 15 respectively on the SCART head.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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