OSSC and Framemeister together: possible benefits?

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    Michael McLaughlin

    Hello! First I just wanted to say that I just got a new OSSC and I am loving it. After getting a Framemeister and being disappointed with the results, I invested in the OSSC, and I am glad I did. The colors are better, there is less lag, and it is easier to use.

    Now I am curious if anyone has tried using the OSSC and Framemeister together. All I can find are posts and articles related to one vs the other. But I figured I would ask and see if anyone found any benefit to using both, before I decide to ship my FM back lol. Specifically, I’m wondering if it will have any benefit for 480i content.


    There’s some benefit; namely that the Framemeister can normalize out-of-spec framerates that the OSSC can’t do anything about, and it can perform last-mile scaling, such as bringing 960p (from line4x 240p or line2x 480p, for example) to 1080p; and, yes, you can set 480i/576i proc on the OSSC to passthrough to have the Framemeister perform deinterlacing and scaling to 1080p.

    What it won’t get you is seamless transitions between video modes. The Framemeister, for whatever reason, doesn’t support seamless transitions between video modes (and, obviously, neither does the OSSC); so, when a game switches from 240p to 480i, or 480i to 240p, you’ll get an HDMI blackout that can take your setup a few seconds to recover from (and can get worse with more HDMI devices in the chain to the display). You’d need to wait for the OSSC Pro to avoid HDMI blackouts (and, even then, it may not be available until a later firmware update).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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