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    Hi, I as wondering about the compatibility of OSSC with the fantastic cable HD Retrovision sells:


    It gets a component signal out of a SNES from the multi-out connector (so you don’t need to modify the internals of your console).

    Does anyone know if this combination (SNES + HR Retrovision + OSSC) works?


    It should do but it’s not optimal, you’re much better off using a SNES RGB SCART cable. SNES outputs RGB natively, except for the SNES Mini which needs a mod (and doesn’t work with the HD Retrovision cable either).


    Thank you.


    FWIW I have the same cable to the one you describe and I can’t get my SNES to work.
    I also have a similar type cable for the PS1/2 and I have no joy with those either. 🙁

    I will double check the wiring in my SNES start and post a link to the diagram.


    This raises a few questions for me. My Sega Genesis cable isn’t working too well at the moment (see this thread: https://videogameperfection.com/forums/topic/sync-problems-with-ntsc-sega-genesis/), so was hoping to buy the Sega Genesis and SNES component cables from HD Retrovision when they next go on sale (as I figured/hoped they’d be the best quality cables to use).

    I got my SNES Mini modded by VideoGamePerfection (great job on it too), but you’re saying it won’t work with the HD Retrovision component cable? Or that it won’t work with it unless modded for CSYNC (like mine already has)?

    Can you (or anyone recommend) top quality cables for Sega Genesis and SNES therefore to use in conjunction with the OSSC? I’ve bought both Genesis/SNES cables from RetroGamingCables so far, but considering the Genesis issues I have I’m looking for “the best” cables to use. My SNES cable from RetroGamingCables displays some artifacts with the OSSC too (minor, but noticeable).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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