OSSC and PAL 5x

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    After getting some consoles running in optimal 5x mode timings, it raises a small concern.
    If I were to ever get a new TV, I wouldn’t know if it would support 1440p (288×5). My current TV displays it in a 1080p space (OSSC 5x format set to 1920×1080 for PAL systems).
    How could I be sure if another TV will work the same way? I guess a 4k display would work better in that regard but would like some insight on this.

    My PC monitor is also a native 1080p display but will not display 1440p, even with the 1920×1080 format setting.


    Technically, the output is never 1440p. No matter what you set v.active, it will adjust the active height internally to 5*216 (1080) or 5*240 (1200), depending on x5 sub-mode you have chosen.

    In any case, x5 for PAL signals have many more total lines than standard, which means much higher pixel clock than standard, thus compatibiliy will be hit and miss. There’s no way to know until you test. But yes, a 4k display may be more likely to cope.


    Didn’t think of that. In any case, I have 5x mode set to 320×240 optimized on PAL consoles. For games with large borders on PAL (NES,SNES, Mega Drive), this is perfect.
    In fact, the optimized modes are most compatible at 5x for me

    The sampling option does display 320x240LB so should have been obvious.

    So if I ever have to get another TV, 4k would be the better option?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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