OSSC and PC Monitors – Suggestions?

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    Hi there, how’s everyone doing?

    First of all, huge thanks to Marqs for creating such an amazing device, and to Matt for providing an excellent sales service and support.

    Now, to the subject of this discussion.

    I’ve been testing the OSSC with my pretty old (5/6 years old, now) Asus VW246H monitor – it’s a 24″ 1080p display I bought for PS3 and XBOX360 gaming – and it turned out to be pretty much compatible with every video mode I tried out so far (Line Double and Line Triple with my Japanese SEGA Saturn/Mega Drive 2/Mega-CD 2, Line Double with interlaced resolutions…).

    Since the results have been so fantastic, I decided to retire my 21″ Trinitron CRT TV and upgrade my retro setup with a PC monitor to use exclusively with the OSSC. Point is, I’m pretty much clueless about how the OSSC would work/output on more modern displays. My only one prerequisite, as for right now, is that the monitor could be rotated, to finally enjoy some TATE shmups.
    I’m still torn between 27″ and 24″. On the one hand, 24″ is perfect for desk gaming, but I usually sit a bit further than a meter and half, from my current CRT, and on the other one I still have no idea how Line Triple 4:3 is going to look on a 1440 panel. Should the frame be too tiny – only with bigger, unusued black borders all around – I wouldn’t bother and stick with 24″.
    Also, I’m a bit afraid of typical IPS shortcomings, so I’m mainly looking at TN screens.

    All that said, and due to my past experiences, I’m leaning towards these two Asus monitors:



    What do you guys think about it? Any tips?
    Many thanks in advance!

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