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    Hi all,
    I’ve recently purchased the OSSC in order to have good visual quality in connecting retro console (particularly Sega Saturn) and enjoy superb games on my HDTV Plasma Panasonic.
    At first, the signal displayed received by the device was 625i, the image quality out of the box was already acceptable, but I spent some time in going through the huge config menu of the device, in order to appreciate visual differences and get into it. This is all quite new for me and I would like to know much more on video processing.
    After some hours I turned on again both console (a PAL Saturn) and the OSSC, which now displayed a 313p signal at 49,37 Hz.
    The image was messed up, cut at the bottom and partially doubled, showed by my tv at 576p, processed at 240/288p line 2x by the ossc.. Can anyone tell what happened? I could not restore the previous situation in any way. Maybe some config parameter erroneously changed? RGB scart cable connected is the same.
    Thanks in advance to anyone who will be supporting.


    The signal on where said 625i? On the OSSC? From your Saturn? What game were you playing?


    Yes on ossc display, soon after turning on the console. I tried at first sega rally and athlete king. No issues. Afterwards with Panzer Dragoon zwei the resolution changed to 313p. Dunno why.
    Now every time I turn on the console the OSSC dipslay reads 313p with black screen on my TV. In order to see a picture, I have to toggle output to 240/288p line 2x.
    But it’s cut at the bottom and partially doubled.


    Something very odd there, Sega Rally is definitely not in interlace, don’t think athlete king is either.

    It sounds like your TV is having trouble with OSSC signal, did you get your OSSC from us?


    Hi, issue fixed.
    The problem was not in the games running, but in a wrong setup I imported before.
    I succeeded in erasing the profile imported, and restoring the device to the ‘out-of-the-box’settings.
    OSSC signal received by the RGB scart of my Saturn PAL shifts from 313p to 625i, depending on game and type of image (cutscene or in-game); whatever, output is always 576p which is neatly read by the TV (Panasonic plasma 55vt50). On the other hand, multiple-line processed pictures (3x, 4x, 5x) cannot be displayed.
    What I am now struggling for is getting a better image centering and aspect ratio.. Picture quality is certainly good, but I want to try to get a further improvement.
    Thanks for your interest and support anyway. I’ll be needing it sooner or later again 🙂


    Unfortunately, your specific Panasonic model is notoriously incompatible with any tweaks. At least at the time when it was reported in the TV compatibility thread, and also discussed in the tips & tweaks thread (check posts by user Arovane).

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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