OSSC and Vogatek supergun?

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    I picked up a cheap Vogatek on ebay (image here https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/PmAAAOSwXbFb1cSA/s-l1600.jpg ) and I read some conflicting reports about it potentially surging upscalers? Is this if I was to bridge the SCART and audio lines and I’ve misinterpreted something, somewhere or is there more I should know? I could connect it up to an old CRT but yeah, just wondering if anyone could validate whether I’ll knock off my OSSC hooking this up?



    I can’t speak to which superguns do what, but I tell you that the problems I believe you’ve read about involved the Windy [City?] Gaming supergun, which had two major problems: first, it had (still has?) a switch on its rear to toggle whether line-level or amplified audio was sent to the SCART output, which is incredibly stupid, because you should never feed amplified audio to a SCART device–it’s way out of spec.

    The second problem is that that switch was unlabeled, so those who bought this supergun had no idea whether they were sending line-level or amplified audio to their SCART equipment. Those that did end up sending amplified audio to their SCART equipment ended up burning them out.

    The third problem was that the creator of the supergun/owner of Windy [City?] Gaming, as I understand it, vehemently denied there was any problem and refused to correct the unlabeled switch problem in future production runs.

    It doesn’t look like Vogatek really publishes any product information on what I think is their current website, vogatek.com–even their About Us page is entirely devoid of content; so it’s not clear to me how their superguns handle audio. Hopefully someone with experience with these devices can chime in.


    What’s the repercussions of taking amplified audio to a home stereo amp? Just wondering if there’s a way to test without causing damage, by taking the supergun output to a stereo amp input, and starting with volume all the way down?

    I’ve actually done this unknowingly, and the stereo amp would produce some very infrequent garbled noise, but mostly produced nothing. Taking that same output through a hi-lo converter, it works perfectly (as it should). Alternatively, you could just start with a hi-lo converter, and take the output to a stereo amp. If you get nothing, then it’s not amplified. If you get good audio, then it is amplified. I’m thinking this would be the safest approach, lacking any documentation on the supergun.


    In general, when transmitting audio between devices, such as from a console to a receiver or a TV, you want line-level audio, because that’s the specification in place. Amplified audio, on the other hand, is intended for directly driving speakers, and thus has way more energy than line-level audio.

    So, the effect of running amplified audio into a device that calls for line-level audio can result in permanent damage. That’s precisely what was happening with the gscart switches (lite and earlier models that don’t have overvoltage protection) when used with the Windy [City?] Gaming supergun with the unlabeled switch set to output amplified audio. It’s possible your stereo amp has some form of overvoltage protection, which would be why it continued to work after feeding it amplified audio.

    Still, a supergun should never be putting amplified audio on a SCART output–it’s simply way out of spec for SCART–and users should not need a hi-lo converter for an output that should ostensibly conform to the existing standard. If someone wants amplified audio on their SCART cable, give them some screw terminals and let them wire it up themselves.

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