OSSC and Xbox One Hdmi in problem

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    I’m on it !
    EDIT : No, I don’t hear anything, sorry.


    Thanks BlueStinger 🙂


    I’ve had a look at this myself and I also have no audio, though I can get 4x where my TV usually only takes 3x via PC 1366×768. The issue here is that the game would need to be exactly 59.94Hz like the Xbox is outputting, otherwise you’ll get a frameskip every few seconds. It could be good for the likes of PS2, Original Xbox, Dreamcast etc. though, aside from the sound issue. I guess I could plug speakers into the audio port on the OSSC though.


    I found a small bug in the way audio infoframe is set up. Feel free to try a test firmware with a fix for that.


    The retrotink will work using the hdmi in on your xbox one and the one guide app. Both video and audio no issues, at least for PS2 but I plan to try others (saturn, genesis). Slight input lag but still 100% playable.


    Note that the Xbox One subsamples chroma to 4:2:0, which can be highly visible in some games. The RetroTink already subsamples chroma to 4:2:2 due to a hardware limitation in the video processor used, and whether the additional subsampling done by the Xbox One is a problem depends on personal preference.

    But it’s definitely not up there with the OSSC’s full 4:4:4 resolution. If you’re short on HDMI inputs for instance, a switch is a much better solution than going through the Xbox One.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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