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    I have a CBOX Neo Geo CMVS into an OSSC into an LCD monitor. I’ve used it several times without a problem but now it’s misbehaving on both games I have. The monitor screen frequently goes back and forth between normal display and all black and the OSSC’s light goes back and forth from green to red. For a while I couldn’t get it to display anything from the console at all. The OSSC’s screen infrequently but sometimes displays garbage while I’m watching it. I’ve re-seated all cable connections.

    The CBOX used to have an issue with not attenuating the RGB sync line but Marco at CBOX assured me the problem was fixed and the fix was included on the one shipped to me.

    How can I troubleshoot this to narrow down the issue to the OSSC or something else in the chain?


    If the OSSC’s screen is showing garbage, then it sounds like the firmware has become corrupt. If you can, try reflashing the latest firmware; otherwise, you may want to use the Contact Us form in the main navigation to set up a repair with VGP.


    I reflashed the firmware but the behavior is the same. There are also some sort of flashing horizontal lines in certain colors that I don’t remember from when it was working properly a few days ago when I first got it. Also it definitely works best when it hasn’t been switched on for a bit. Probably heat related. I’ll contact VGP for repair.


    Here’s a video of an OSSC’s behavior (starting at 4:05) after it was fried by the unattenuated RGB sync line on a CBOX Neo Geo CMVS:


    I’m suspicious that my CBOX wasn’t properly attenuated either even though I was assured by the manufacturer that it was. Can anyone tell me how to verify it one way or the other? I have a multimeter but not much experience using it.

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