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    I have a CYP Video to Scart RGB convertor. Using this on the CRT it looks great, better than composite, its very sharp. However going through the OSSC its hit and miss whether it displays or not. It will may do for some time before going blank and it may come back.

    It seems that it is possible for the OSSC to display it via the SCRAT RGB converter but maybe some automatic settings are switching around which means I get periods of no image.
    I know in its native state the OSSC wont work with the C64 but via this SCART RGB convertor it does seem possible, I just need to find a way of making it stable.


    Is the OSSC losing sync (red LED comes on), or is it just the display? It’s possible the C64 has a weird sync/timing that your display simply doesn’t like; CRTs usually don’t care, whereas newer displays are much more strict in what kind of sync/refresh rates they accept.


    The red light flashes off and on and the frequency on the display screen is changing between 50.05 and 50.15.

    Is there a way of manually setting the frequency to see if that helps?


    No, OSSC cannot change the frequency. Does the OSSC think the image is interlace or progressive?


    It is quite strange.
    The display says
    RGBS 312P
    15.66kHz 50.19Hz
    And its working. but the picture is terrible.

    I have found if I have everything connected and turn the computer on the frequency, refresh rate and resolution is bouncing around.
    However this time I turned everything on and C64 was still connected to the TV directly, with everything turned on I plugged the composite cables in to the RGB converter and the information holds steady and it displays on the LCD fine, but video capture isn’t good as it loses signal many times.

    If I turn the C64 off and on the information above starts bouncing around again.

    Another update, after having everything working perfectly find for about 30 mins. I turned the C64 off and on and tried the disconnecting and reconnecting the composite video cable while on trick and the OSSC is struggling to lock refresh.

    It seems this setup for the C64 is very fickle. Either, the C64 refresh changes as it gets warm or the composite to RGB converter does.

    I’ll just have to try and find another way of doing it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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