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    Hello there,
    I’m an Italian retrogaming streamer and I wanted to use OSSC for my retrospective on Dreamcast Games. I would have liked to use the VGA output of Dreamcast, upscale it using OSSC and then feed the HDMI output to an Elgato HD60S capture card that I already own. Of course I would love to use OSSC also for future streamings using other retro consoles.

    I’ve already visited the “Capture card compatibility report thread” but didn’t find any definitive answer to my question. Will this configuration work? Some people say that it works on the kinda similar Elgato HD60 card even if only in 2x mode which would be actually enough for my needs as far as I understand.

    Can someone please confirm or dismiss these rumors?

    Thank you very much in advance for any help on this.



    I am not sure if I got you or no, and apologize if that’s not the answer to your question. So I have the ELGATO HD60S and every retro console I own work fine using the OSSC 1.6
    I tried worked fine!

    1. PS1
    2. NES
    3. SNES
    4. Sega Genesis
    5. Dreamcast ( VGA )

    I use scart cables from RetroGamingCables and they look amazing even with 2x ( My opinion )


    Thank you very mych for your reply, it was really helpful! 🙂


    I attached my Dreamcast (VGA) to the OSSC and then to the Elgato HD60s. I put the recommended settings for it I found online but all I can see is a black screen. The Elgato software registers a 640×480 60fps signal coming in and I can hear the audio correctly, but no video. The OSSC syncs to a 525p signal coming from the Dreamcast.

    Can someone help me with this?


    So did you solve this issue? I’m planning to buy OSSC exactly for the same setup…


    I have same black screen problem.


    Do you have an Xbox One? Plug your OSSC into the HDMI In and plug your Xbox into your Elgato. It only has a frame of lag so for a lot of games it’s not a big deal and it works wonders! Just don’t use 5X on 240p games because it’ll cut off the top and bottom, but 960p works perfectly

    EDIT: If you don’t have an Xbox One, I messed with it myself and I got it working at 960p. On OBS, set a custom resolution of 1280×960, and use the DirectShow version of the source, not the Elgato Game Capture HD source. It should have a (#01) at the end, or another number. If it blacks out, change USB port. Every so often if I use the Elgato directly, I have to plug it into another USB port and change it back to the DirectShow driver.



    I was having the same issue and the solution with the original Xbox One works perfectly. Thank you.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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