OSSC + CPS3 Sync Issues

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    Hey everyone,

    I got my OSSC in the mail today and I’m excited to get things working. Hope this is something I’m simply overlooking.

    I’m trying to hook up a CPS3 board to a 31hz arcade monitor (a Naomi Universal Cabinet), since getting a trisync monitor to fit would be a real chore. The monitor is good – works with my Naomi 2 just fine.

    Currently the setup is this;

    CPS3 -> JAMMA -> Retroelectronik Supergun –SCART-> OSSC –HDMI-> Tendak HDMI-to-VGA -> Cabinet

    I can get a signal to show up on the monitor – the grey test pattern that I assume is the default output of the OSSC. It’s stable, although sometimes when I boot up the OSSC it takes a while for it to lock into place. Sometimes it also seems to cut out when I’m messing with the OSSC options, but I’m not too concerned with that (?). The CPS3 board is almost certainly not at fault, since it’s worked on other setups and audio comes through just fine.

    However, no matter what I do I can’t seem to get the CPS3 board / Supergun to sync to the OSSC. All AV1 (RGBS, RGsB) inputs simply give me a NO SYNC message. When I hit the [INFO] button on the remote, I’m greeted with:

    VMOD: 1536x240
    LC: 1 VSM: 0

    Playing with the Sync Options doesn’t seem to help much, but I admit I’m a neophyte here.

    If it helps, I’m using:

    OSSC fw. 0.78a

    Does anyone have any experience they can share to help me out?



    SCART is supposed to be RGBS, so if you have the OSSC set to AV1 RGBS, and it doesn’t leave the test pattern, it’s not getting a signal. If it’s possible, test the Supergun with a different, known-good JAMMA source, then test the OSSC with a different, known-good SCART source (doesn’t even need to be RGB; just something with sync).

    If the OSSC gets a sync signal with a different JAMMA source, it’s the CPS3. If the OSSC doesn’t get a signal with a different JAMMA source, but it does with a different SCART source, it’s the Supergun.


    Thanks for the reply.

    Took your advice, and tried it out on a different setup; everything seemed to check out okay, aside from some out-of-range issues with my TV and the board.

    Turns out – I guess this is pretty weird, but – the metal housing for the kick harness (a DB9 connector) was shorting out something on the Supergun that prevented the OSSC from getting a lock on the CPS3’s signal. As soon as I removed it, everything was hunky-dory. So weird.

    Anyways, all’s good now, and the picture is gorgeous. Happy to finally have some lagless Third Strike on my cab. Cheers.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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