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    I have had an OSSC since late last year, am running the latest firmware, and whether I use the Component or SCART input, using a cable directly or through a SCART switch, the picture is always dark. I used to have to boost my projector’s brightness and contrast to see the picture. Now there is a Pre-ADC gain option, and only when I crank it to 10 or 12 do things become easy to see. The problem this poses is that it boosts the brightness but it also completely washes out the picture. When I turn on scanlines it is even darker.

    I have tried using hybrid scanlines which makes things slightly better but the image is no matter what either too dark or too washed out using the pre-ADC gain. I used to have to adjust the gain manually per color and tweak it in hopes of getting a bright picture.

    This projector is properly calibrated using the Disney WOW bluray disc.

    Any suggestions? Could it be the DVI-HDMI adapter?


    DVI-HDMI adapters are entirely passive usually (unless yours includes audio too). Remember SD and HD don’t always have the same calibration.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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