OSSC + Eizo S2133 @ 5x

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    Has anyone successfully used 5x on this or another Eizo display? I’ve just gotten one in and 4x works great using FBX profiles, but 5x produces a signal error. Sync on the OSSC stays green so I’m guessing it’s something with the output to the monitor.

    OSSC Info @ 5x: Prof.0 320×240 262p 250581

    Currently connecting this way: Sega Genesis 2 (US) > Retro Access SCART > OSSC > HDMI to DVI > S2133.

    My other 240 systems are currently getting the RGB mod love so I only have the Sega to test on.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Will do my best to provide any further info if it’s helpful.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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