OSSC giving “NO SYNC” with component input at 240p and 480i

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    Recently I got a component DAC to use the Carby HDMI for the GameCube with my OSSC. It worked well until I turned off the linedoubler in the Carby settings and the OSSC gave me a “NO SYNC” on 480i output. I initially brushed it off as an issue with the DAC and not a big deal for the GameCube since I was using 480p whenever possible. However, I just plugged my PS2 back in (with the HD Retrovision PS2 component cables) and it’s not working at all with the OSSC. Tried the PS2 menu and booting a 240p PS1 game and both gave me a “NO SYNC” on the OSSC.

    I tried resetting my OSSC and updating the firmware (it was on 0.85), didn’t help at all. The PS2 and DAC are plugged directly into the OSSC component input. The OSSC itself is plugged into an LG CX TV (not that it should matter here with a “NO SYNC”). The whole time the red LED is turned off on the OSSC.

    The whole thing strikes me as odd since the PS2 was fully working in 240p and 480i a month ago in this setup.


    I got it working somehow. I recently moved to this place and hadn’t set up my component switch (a passive Pelican System Selector). Decided to try putting that in and now the OSSC fully works on the PS2. I’m short a set of component cables so I can’t try the GameCube in this setup.

    Could have sworn I had a direct PS2 connection to the OSSC working just fine a month ago.


    strange it would need that, I can’t really explain why that would be, unless there was a cable loose?


    I assumed to be a loose cable, but messing with them didn’t really change anything (this is both when it was and wasn’t working). Not sure what is going on here.

    Once again, can’t test GameCube 480i in this setup until I get another set of component cables. The cable I’m using to connect the component switch to the OSSC was what I used for the HDMI DAC on the GameCube.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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