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    How does OSSC behave when the connected device is off (such as a VHS player or games console in standby)? Does OSSC remain active with a no display/connection message on?

    I’m looking for a device that will go to standby/cut the HDMI display off when the VHS player or games console (connected via SCART) is turned off/in standby.

    I would like to plug the OSSC into an HDMI switch. Sky TV is the most active signal. I’m hoping that when the VHS player or games console is switched on, the HDMI switch will detect it as a new active device and switch to it. The switch is an Octava HDS5-UK 5×1 HDMI.

    When the VHS player or games console is switched off, I would like the OSSC to kind of go into standby/video cut off so that the HDMI switch will then go back to Sky TV automatically. Is this possible?

    This is how it works with my Blu Ray player at the moment.



    When the OSSC is first turned on, it will output the test pattern; however, once you turn a connected console on, let the OSSC sync to it and display an image, then turn the console off, the OSSC will effectively turn off its HDMI output until it receives a new signal.

    More simply put, you’d have to turn the OSSC, power cycle one of the consoles connected to it (On, let it show an image, then off), then leave the OSSC on to get the behavior you’re looking for.


    Would that be true if Autodetect input is enabled?



    I can verify when I get home from work, but I believe it does still show the test pattern, even if Autodetect Input is enabled. (Also of note is that the Autodetect routine doesn’t run indefinitely. :/)


    Yes, the test pattern displays until an input is detected even with autodetect. However, I will note that I don’t think the OSSC actually turns the output “off” in that when I connected it (and other things) to an HDMI auto switcher, as long as the OSSC is on (even with it outputting “no signal”), it always stays on that input. So it may still be outputting voltage or something, not sure.

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