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    I gott My OSSC yesterday an I have spent a big chunk of my day trying to get it to work with my Wii and my N64 but in wain I have also searched the forums for help but haven’t found the answer (I think).

    I used the Scart connectors that came with the machines (both bought here in Sweden) and I only get a black screen with sound when I use av2 and I have fibbled around in the settings trying to get it to work when I try using only the composite cables in av2 i either get a grey flickering image and no sound or a green flickering image and no sound.

    I get the test image when I start the OSSC every time without problems and I have tried it on 2 TVs and one pc monitor.

    The causes I can think of is:
    I need another cable for the machines
    I got a bad/ damaged OSSC
    I need to mod my machines
    I’m doing something wrong
    I need some kind of adapter
    There is some specific setting I have missed that will magical fix it

    Any and all help is appreciated I really want this to work and enjoy my old games.


    Regarding SCART on the OSSC: You should be setting the input to AV1-RGBS; AV2 is the RCA/component input, so you should expect a black screen/no input if you’re trying to get an image using the SCART jack and have the input set to something else.

    Regarding the N64: The N64 only shipped with composite video and S-Video outputs, while the OSSC only takes RGB and YPbPr. You would need to mod your N64 to get RGB output if you wish to use it with the OSSC, or to get HDMI output if you’d like to skip the OSSC and connect it directly to your flat panel TV (UltraHDMI).

    Regarding the SCART cables: If you still don’t get an image setting the input to AV1-RGBS, double-check your cables to ensure that they’re actually wired for RGB. I doubt the N64 one is, because, as I said, that shipped without RGB support, so that is likely a composite-video-only cable and thus incompatible with the OSSC (the green sync light will come on, and you’ll get audio, but no video).

    I imagine the Wii should be fine, but that might very well also be a composite-only SCART cable. If it does work, though, you will be limited to 576i50 and PAL60. Personally, I recommend foregoing a SCART cable and getting a YPbPr component cable for the Wii, as that will let you play compatible games in 480p60, which will produce a better, more fluid image.


    I tried it on av1 for the Scart cables but they are composite to Scart I also got me a Koryuu Transcoder when I bought the OSSC so I have ordered some nice component cables so hopefully that will work otherwise getting Wii to component cable like you said and modding my N64 but hopefully the Koryuu solutions will work.

    I will let you guys know how it goes when I get the cabled.

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