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    My OSSC just started acting crazy yesterday. Last night my OSSC lost all ability to sync from any console via scart input. All my cables are from retro-access.com. Today I tried to turn it on again and I sometimes I get “Init Error -2” on my OSSC Screen. If I turn it off and back on I can get it to start correct. I updated its firmware to 0.83 and reset all settings to see if that would fix it but it didnt. When I scroll through the menu sometimes the menu screen will show these scrambled crazy characters or the font will get really big. Two months ago I did plug the wrong power cable in my OSSC and blew a fuse. I’m in the USA so I didnt want to send it to be serviced when I am good at soldering and can easily replace the fuse myself with no long wait. I found the blown fuse with my multi-meter, replaced the fuse and it was working fine for 2 months. Can a rep help me out so I can send it to get repaired?


    Are are pics of what my OSSC is doing

    OSSC Error 2
    OSSC Error 1
    OSSC Error 3
    OSSC Error 4


    Init Error -2 means that the video amp isn’t responding, so that’s where I’d start your troubleshooting. Good luck!

    If you need to ask about servicing please e-mail in with your order number so I can help you.


    I’m a beginner with troubleshooting electronics. I can check continuity, voltage etc. If I have clear directions I can repair no problem. What does the video amp look like? If it needs to be replaced I can do that on my own and save time of shipping across the globe. I have the tools to remove it.


    Maybe this will help a bit:

    OSSC init error -2

    The video amplifier (THS7353) is marked as U17 on the pcb:

    Since you’ve connected the wrong PSU, you’ve probably damaged the voltage regulator U6 (as described by ‘marqs’ in the other thread):

    BUT (because of the sometimes crazy characters in the menu) there may be some other damage too…


    Sorry to revive this thread, but it’s on the same topic.
    I have a similar error (init error -3). My OSSC died and was giving me the error TVP something, indicating the TVP IC was faulty. I replaced that, and now I have the -3 error.
    Oddly the OSSC turns on, but when I switch to RGBS the 240p signal quickly jumps to 4495p. So somethings up, maybe the init -3 could fix this, help is appreciated.


    The meanings of the error codes are:

    ● -1 → could not find flash
    ● -2 → could not read from THS7353
    ● -3 → could not read from TVP7002
    ● -4 → could not read from IT6613

    So you’ve (still) seem to have a problem with TVP7002 (U1).

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