OSSC + Input lag ?

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    Hi all!

    I recently wanted to check if my TV set was compatible with the OSSC. Upon checking the chart at http://junkerhq.net/xrgb/index.php?title=OSSC_Display_Compatibility, I noticed that my display, a
    LG 40UB800V-ZA 4K TV, has an input lag of 60 ms when tested with OSSC. Isn’t that quite a lot, especially if you wanna play shumps on PC Engine etc? I dont recognize a severe input lag when playing PCE games right now without the OSSC.

    Is there any way to circumvent the lag, apart from buying a new display/TV? Is the lag the same on all consoles I run through the OSSC?

    Thanks in advance!


    60ms is considered by most to be a lot. A single frame is 16ms, so it’s nearly 4 frames of lag.

    That said, it may be what you’re used to playing with and have acclimated to that. The primary purpose of the OSSC is to provide its benefits without introducing any additional lag (and in turn prevent additional lag at the TV, by taking over the digitization process).

    There might be settings on the TV that can be adjusted to reduce the lag, but I’m guessing that when tested and added to the junkerhq list, that the TV was optimized by the tester. As a general recommendation, if the TV has a “Game Mode”, you want to enable it or put the TV in game mode. This will disable features that add additional processing, and therefore, additional lag. If it doesn’t have a game mode, any setting/advanced setting that has “dynamic” in its name should be turned off. Set the aspect ratio to whatever setting puts it at native or pass-thru…i.e. forcing a 4:3 signal to 16:9 aspect will add processing by the TV. Check the TV manual, see what it says about various settings/advanced settings, and weed out any settings that have the potential to add processing/lag.

    These are all suggestions to fine tune your TV a bit. But again, if you don’t have an issue with how the TV performs currently, adding the OSSC will not introduce additional lag.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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