OSSC: mClassic and HDMI Switcher Mystery

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    I have an OSSC and a 4K HDMI switch that definitely supports 480p.

    I put the mClassic into the output port of the HDMI switch, everything works great.

    EXCEPT FOR 480P CONTENT. 720p, 1080p, everything works great. Just not 480p

    Specifically what happens is the screen keeps blinking on and off. It’s a Viewsonic PC monitor that supports all kinds of crazy resolutions. The only way I can get a stable picture is to pass straight 480i/576i from the OSSC into the switch and my monitor. Obviously that’s not ideal because then the mClassic doesn’t do anything.

    I can’t think what’s causing this. 480i x2 for bob-deinterlacing works totally fine otherwise, only when it’s going through the HDMI switch and into the mClassic is it a problem.


    Just an update (to no one, apparently) but I found the answer:

    Setting Output Settings’ 480i mode (Line 2x, bob de-interlace for the record) HDMI TX Mode to DVI instead of HDMI or Auto FIXED IT.

    Like I say, this ‘bug’ only presents on 480p content. At 720p+ HDMI mode worked fine. If anyone is able to explain why this is, I’m all ears.


    Because OSSC has nonstandard output, I don’t use it with a switcher. Havent had any issues with mClassic hooked directly into OSSC, unless I output 960p, then mClassic freaks out

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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