OSSC Noise/Interference with VGA to HDMI DAC

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    I will try to detail my problem in detail hoping that someone has experienced something similar and can help me out.

    My OSSC produces a noisy image when paired with a VGA to HDMI adapter. The image seems to have a small but noticeable shakiness that moves left and right non stop, and there is almost a shimmering effect that is especially noticeable on text. This problem persists across all consoles and inputs, From NES to Wii. I am using high quality shielded cables and everything is powered by a high quality power conditioner, though I have tried multiple power outlets and power strips. I have tried two different DACs, a Powered DAC by Portta, and a non powered DAC by Tendak. The Portta produces a slightly less noticeably problem than the Tendak. I have also tested these on multiple displays including two CRT Monitors, a Wide Screen LCD, and even my capture card and the problem is still present. I have tested every LPF setting on each display which does help slightly. I have also tried different linex modes and they all seem to have about the same effect. I don’t think there is a setting in the OSSC that I haven’t tried. Here is where it gets interesting, both DACs that I have tested do not produce the problem when used with other devices. I have tried them on multiple displays with my PC, and also with my RetroPi device and they did not produce any jitter/noise or shakiness. The only other symptom with my OSSC is a slight audio buzz, which is more noticeable when using the 3.5mm audio output. The only thing that I can think of trying at this point would be a different power supply for my OSSC. I am at a loss here.

    -Noisy/Jittery Image when using OSSC with VGA to HDMI DAC
    -Using Clean Power, High Quality Cables
    -Tried LPF settings, helped slightly
    -Problem exists on every display, every console and input
    -Problem only with OSSC, does not happen when using DAC with other devices

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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