OSSC not booting as desired

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    I’ve used my OSSC for about a week now and it seemed to have been working flawlessly. Unfortunately, it seems to now be having an issue. I’m currently using the OSSC with my PS2 via SCART passthru. Each time I booted the console and the OSSC, the LCD screen would read “AV1: RGBS 525i” and would display the picture on my TV as intended. Now, however, it seems to boot and switch between 525i and 525p a couple times until finally settling for 525p which gives me no picture at all. The only way I can get it back to 525i is by pressing the menu button on the remote each time I boot. It seems that viewing the menu immediately forces it to return to 525i.

    Any idea what’s causing this? I didn’t have this issue originally which is why I’m a little confused. It’s obviously not a huge problem since pressing the menu button every time fixes it, but I’m worried there’s something wrong with my unit. Thanks.

    EDIT: I’d also like to mention that the LCD screen appears to be flickering when in 525p as if it’s struggling between the two resolutions. Lastly, I’m using firmware 0.78 if that makes any difference.

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