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    My current monitor (samsung t240hd) displays nicely ntsc both 240p and 480i in line 4x mode. My monitor is 1920×1200 16:10 model. Line 5x does not work.

    However, when I play PAL games, I can only use line 2x mode for both 288p and 576i. I have tried suggestions by Harrumph and Steo on PAL 4x and 5x with no luck.

    Any suggestions what to try next?


    It wouldn’t surprise me that your monitor would reject 288p x3 and x4, because they wouldn’t be VGA-/VESA-compatible 864p or 1152p; and your monitor would have to support 1440p to display 288p x5 (but it still might not like the horizontal resolution).

    It also wouldn’t surprise me that your monitor would take line3x or 4x of 576i. I don’t think 1728i is really a thing, and I’m not sure your monitor would bother deinterlacing anything; and, if your monitor won’t take the 1152p from 288p x4, I don’t see why it would take the same resolution from 576i x4.

    I would recommend playing NTSC versions of games and keeping with 576p for PAL-only content, or looking into something like the Framemeister that will scale/deinterlace/framerate-convert 288p50/576i50 to something usable on your monitor.


    Ok, thanks.

    My monitor does actually support interlaced content, it even has component and scart connections directly as it is more a television/monitor hybrid.

    I just had a vivid memory trying out 1980×1080 monitor that allowed pal 4x and that’s why I asked. It isn’t end of the world as I am anyway in process of getting a new monitor.

    Basically, if I understand you correctly, a 1440p monitor might then be a good choice for reaching line 5x in PAL.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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