OSSC PAL Dreamcast issues

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    Hi all!

    I’m still pretty new to the retro gaming Community and doing my best to try and figure out how to get me retro consoles to work that way I want em. After all there’s plenty of good information out on both this forum and Youtube about opt. settings for your diffrent consoles.

    On the the issue at hand. I’ve finally bought myself a RGB scart Cable for my PAL Dreamcast (after Reading that retrocables sadly having even further delay on their DC Cable).. yeah I’m impatient I know 🙂
    But after having no issues what so ever with Sega Mega Drive 2, SNES and Wii (all PAL) on my OSSC my PAL Dreamcast made me first wonder if either my console or the CD’s were defect but after trying the RGB scart directly into my tv I saw that there were no issues what so ever.

    The issues beeing that my OSSC lost sync showing the red LED, screen going black on and off for (along with the sound) and after a few minutes it Went black without sound all togheter untill I rebooted the Dreamcast. Tryed both passthrough and x2 both gave the same issue.
    Tryed several diffrent games ofc, Powerstone, Powerstone 2, Chu Chu Rocket and MDK2.

    Most likely the solution is super easy, sadly I haven’t been able to find it yet :/
    And for VGP, your thread on “read this Before posting” the link (Extensive information on using the OSSC is available on the Wiki page here.
    http://junkerhq.net/xrgb/index.php/OSSC) sadly doesn’t work.

    Thanks in advance


    I seem to have the exact same issue as that for 1080i with 2x bob with PS2 and original Xbox, though passthrough works. Is it a cheap cable? Just wondering since you mentioned retrogamingcables having a delay on them. I use a Toro Box for mine and even if I set it to output RGB rather than VGA, it still works.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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