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    I searched the forums and the quick start guide and couldn’t find an answer to this question, so I figured I’d ask.

    Is there a recommendation as to whether it is best to leave the OSSC powered on or powered off while not in use? Currently, I’m only using the OSSC for my Saturn, which I only fire up maybe once or twice a week. Curious as to whether the “wear and tear” on the unit is worse leaving it on between sessions or shutting it off every time.

    If there’s no rule of thumb, I’d love to hear how you handle the power. Any conveniences/inconveniences one way or the other?



    Think of the planet, turn your OSSC off when you’re not using it.


    I have read somewhere that there are no ramifications to the OSSC if you just leave it on. But, if it’s not too much hassle, then obviously go ahead and turn it off when not using it. I generally leave it on because the switch is a real pain to get at where I have it set up. Would’ve been much easier if the switch had been on the front or if there was some sort of power or standby option that could be triggered by remote, but such is life.


    Thanks to you both! I was leaning towards leaving it off anyways…you know, for the planet.


    I leave my OSSC powered on, but it’s plugged into a rackmount surge protector, along with just about all of my other legacy consoles/video equipment, that I’ll turn off when it’s not in use.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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