OSSC Pro 1440p support?

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    Hydra Spectre

    I see it has HDMI 1.4 which supports up to 4K 30Hz, 1080p 120Hz and 1440p 60Hz.
    The real deal here is 1440p at 60Hz, since the following resolutions are an integer scale to 1440p:
    144p (Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Gear) x 10
    240p x 6
    480p x 3
    720p x 2
    1080p seems to be the only resolution missing, but it’s okay.

    1440p can probably scale well to 4K and would look great with native 1440p monitors and for 8K TVs like LG’s Z9 and ZX OLEDs, since 1440p x 3 is 4320p or 8K.

    But what are you thinking about 1440p support for the OSSC? Is it in your plans?
    What do you think about it?


    Unfortunately that’s not possible on the current hardware, we’re at the limit with 5x.

    Edit – Oops you said Pro, yes it may be possible on the OSSC Pro.

    Hydra Spectre

    160p is also a 9X scale to 1440p, so 1440p is one of the best upscaling resolutions for retro games.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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